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We hope that you are all well.

Understandably, many of you have already reached out to us inquiring about the 2023 summer camp registration. Unfortunately, we are still looking for a location. We have recently been informed that the location we held our summer camp for the last two years, Parkdale Elementary, is not available due to renovations. We have been looking into other locations, and at this time have not found a suitable replacement for our 2023 season.

We regrettably do not have more information to share on whether a summer camp will be taking place at the Blue Light Program this year. If a summer camp is held, we also do not know (due to the location we may find) at which capacity and for how many weeks we would be able to run the summer camp.  Due to all these unknowns, we will not be able to offer 1 on 1 services (shadowing services) this year.

As we cannot guarantee that a camp will take place this year, we ask all families/caregivers to look into other summer camp services for their camper. We understand that this can be difficult for the camper, as transitions can cause anxiety and fear amongst some. Social stories can be beneficial in explaining the changes taking place. We will be here to answer any questions, and provide any possible assistance to all families/caregivers.


We thank you for your understanding at this time & wish all our campers a wonderful summer season.

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