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shadow /monitor services 

Families living with someone with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder often have difficulty recruiting a trusted guardian. Blue Light Foundation hires and trains reliable people and refers them to families on call.  This service allows parents to go about their business with confidence, knowing their child is in good hands. An essential service for any parent.

Our shadows /monitors  have been selected with care after a rigorous interview process and a verification of their judicial record at the court-house. They all show a particular interest in this type of clientele and many of them have relevant experience and/or studies.


Targeted clientele: all members of Blue Light program  & summer camp  

Location: shadowing /supervision can be done at the residence of the person or guardian according to the request

Time: weekends ,week days or evenings according to demand

Frequency: according to demand  weekends /week days & evenings   (min. 4 hours daily )

Available places: according to the number of guardians available


To register & more infomation please  contact us at 514-7793537  rino 

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